Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things Change...

Circumstances change. You can be perfectly healthy today and awfully sick tomorrow. You can be completely secure in your job today and be apart of the mass layoff your company is planning tomorrow. You can be in a loving relationship today and get your heart broken by a betrayal tomorrow. Nothing stays the same. Hopefully, you are developing, evolving, and moving from one successful endeavor to another. Because circumstances change, you must change with them.

I have been working with someone who is reluctantly planning a few major life changes. I say she is reluctant because she can not get past her current circumstances. She hates her job, is financially insecure, and is scared she will never be a mother. So, when she attempts to plan her future, she includes the job she hates, works around her current budget, and excludes the idea that children may be involved. In other words, she makes plans based upon everything that she hates about her life and is ultimately trying to change.

I understand her difficulty. It is hard to see past the things you come face to face with everyday. You might ask: how can she plan to support children with a job that pays next to nothing? Or, how can she plan to launch a new business in an unstable economy? Well, I have a question for you. What if her circumstances change as soon as tomorrow? It is possible that her boss could call her into his office and offer her the promotion that she has been diligently working toward. It is possible that she could be included in the number of successful businesses that are thriving despite the current economic climate. If she continues to make plans based upon her life today, she will not be prepared for the positive changes that may occur in the future.

I’ll end where I started. Circumstances change. With that in mind, you should not make intentional plans around the things you intend to change. Planning a family, purchase of a home, or any other major life decision around a job that you hate will only force you to commit to that job even longer. The plans, decisions, and actions of today will directly affect tomorrow.

I know you desire change. You want to be fulfilled in every area of your life. Start planning today! Set aside your feelings concerning your current job, house, health conditions, and relationships. Get a clear mental picture of the kind of changes you desire to see in those areas of your life and plan for when it happens. How will you spend the money your new career will bring you? Circumstances change, so you must be prepared to change with it!

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