Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Know, Feel, Act...

It is said that people do not change their lives because of what they know, but because of what they feel. I don’t know who said it first, but it sounds about right to me, so I say it often. Think about it. The last time you gave serious thought to the idea of starting a new career was probably when you felt as though you were going no where(physically trapped) at your current job, and not because you knew that were over experienced, over worked, and under paid. Ok, maybe you are content with your job but feel as though it is time for a new house. You were ok with your condo in the city until you visited your college friends at their home in the suburbs and fell in love (there goes those feelings) with idea of a white picket fence.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your thoughts toward making a major life change, somewhere buried beneath those circumstances are feelings and those feelings will often produce actions. To know something is to hold information in your mind, even to the point of certainty. When you feel something, you experience it through emotion or physical sensation. When you feel uncomfortable, unappreciated, underestimated, less than, left behind, poor, confident, content, successful, prosperous, loved, or secure, that sensation will prompt you to act.

Today the action I am looking for is the act of change. There are things in your life that need to be replaced, removed, and just plain different. You know it and you may even feel it. Now it is time to take some action! How do you feel about your job, marriage, weight, friends, and health? Use what you are feeling to change your life!

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