Tuesday, June 22, 2010

See You in Ten...

My husband and I just had a very interesting conversation. We were talking about the people we are today versus the people we thought we would be when we thought of ourselves 10 years earlier. In the year 2000, people were just happy to be alive (remember, the world was supposed to end that year). Now, we find ourselves in 2010, alive and hopefully thriving in our businesses, marriages, and health (of course you only have two years to enjoy it because the date for the end of the world has been rescheduled for 2012).

Ten years ago, I didn't even know my husband existed, didn't know I could write songs, and didn't think the world was coming to an end, because there were too many things I still wanted to accomplish. So in talking to my husband about my life now, we were both surprised to see just how much I have evolved as a person. Now here is where the conversation got interesting. I asked him to think about our marriage, business, and everything else in his life right now. Then I asked this question: knowing what you know now, if you were at the start of those endeavors, would you do them all over again? As you can imagine, we had a lengthy and informative conversation. I learned even more about myself as my husband proposed those same questions to me.
Now, I will ask you. Think of your career and family. Are those things all that you had hoped they would be? Are you proud of your choices? If you were at the start of those endeavors, would you do them all over again?
Answering those questions will reveal more about who you are as a person. Hopefully you will not look at you life and be terrified by the choices you have made, but will look at you life and be proud of the person you are ever evolving into. Additioning, give some thought to who you will be in the next 10 years. How much of your life will be changed? What choices do you need to make today to ensure that you are exactly where you want to be within the next 10 years ?

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