Monday, June 7, 2010

When It Rains...

My grandmother, a non-proponent of rain, sometimes blames the rain for her aching knees, wrists, and shoulders. In fact, she can wake up and give a pretty accurate weather report, which is based on how she feels. Now, there is no science that will back up her report, but a rheumatologist in Georgia has gone on record as saying that many of his patients complain of pain that worsens during rainy weather. There may not be any science backing up my grandmother’s bed-side weather reports, but when she starts rubbing her knees, I break out my umbrella.

I am neutral on the issue of rain. I can live with it, and I can live without it. However, I have found myself using the idiom, when it rains, it pours. I am sure many of you have found yourself feeling that way about some issues with finances, health, and career. I personally have experienced an out pouring of issues in all of those areas at some point in my life. I can remember more than one day waking up to bad news, and going to bed with news that was even worse. Despite my best efforts, there have been times when every plan that I made failed. So what did I do when it seemed like the rain would never end? I grabbed an umbrella. I surrounded myself with every inspirational book, quote, blog, DVD, and CD I could find. I listened to music that made me want to sing and dance. I re-read my business proposals, mission statements, and idea booklets…after all just because they haven’t worked yet, doesn’t mean they never will. Sometimes all it takes to shield myself from the effects of a bad day, week, or month, is one word that connects with my power to persevere.

Figuratively speaking, there will be periods of unwanted rain in your life. Today, you may have put forth your best effort toward the achievement of a goal, yet you still feel as if it is impossible. I am not going to tell you that what you are feeling is wrong, because I have felt the same way. I am not going to tell you that you will feel better in the morning because your rain storm may last for days. What I will tell you is that when the rain begins to pour, you don’t have to get drenched. Grab an umbrella. Look for a word or phrase that will encourage you. Read a book or a blog written by someone that has a shared his/her story of perseverance. Doing these things may not prevent the rain from pouring, but it will shield you from the effects of the down pour.

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