Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Come Rain...

My five year old daughter is not a fan of rain. Last weekend, in particular, she made it very clear that she has had her fill of rain for this season. I explained to her the importance of rain to all things living. Despite my short dissertation on how the rain helps plants grow AND how healthy plants produce the oxygen we need to breathe, our conversation ended with her explaining to me that rain doesn’t help warm, sunny, days…AND…warm , sunny, days help kids play…AND…when kids play, their muscles grow strong and healthy. As a last ditch effort, I told her that the sun has to share the days of the week with the rain sometimes. She just replied by saying that the rain hasn’t been very good at sharing lately…but I think she got my point.

In yesterday’s post, When It Rains, I used the idiom when it rains, it pours. Today, I want to introduce you to the idiom…come rain or shine. I don’t know about you, but there are some things that must happen in my life. There are some goals that I must achieve in order to fulfill my purpose. I don’t wake up everyday ready to go for it. Sometimes, especially when it is raining out, I want to burry myself under the covers and not wake up until the sun is shining and everything is going my way. But...because I have spent time developing and shielding myself under the umbrella of inspirational books and quotes, my purpose begins to tug at me.

If a dream, a goal, or a clear intention has been placed in your heart, it is because you have been commissioned to fulfill it. There is nothing in life worth having that will not require something of you. Sometimes you will be required to work through a rain of issues. It is during those rainy days that you will discover your resilience, passion, and ability to persevere. Come rain or shine, you must remain committed.

My suggestion for you today will be a lasting one. I want you to develop a power phrase or affirmation that you use on the days when the rain begins to pour. The phrase should start with come rain or shine. Here is my power phrase:

Come rain or shine, I will not stop until I fulfill every intention for my life!

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