Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Little Notebook...

I carry a little notebook in my purse. As my sister always reminds me, I can’t remember anything…so…I write everything down. In my notebook you will find song ideas and lyrics, poems, bible verses, inspirational quotes, grocery lists, business ideas, seminar outlines, blog titles, wish-lists, goals, phone numbers, websites to visit, and everything else that runs across my mind through out the course of a day. I started writing in my notebooks about 2 years ago. It has been extremely helpful and sort of disturbing all at the same time. My notebook has taught me that I think too much (as if my husband doesn’t tell me that enough). It has shown me how creative I am (I come up with idea after idea). It acts as a facilitator (it organizes my thoughts). It is my personal assistant (it keeps names and phone numbers of random people I meet). With today’s technology, most people store all of this stuff in their cell phone. I for one have gone though 3 phones in one year and even backup assistance couldn’t save my notes, locked text messages, and calendar. So, my little notebook will remain a staple in my life.

This weekend I sat down with my little notebooks, from the past couple of years, to review my old entries and true to its form, it taught me something else about myself. I learned that there are some carry-over goals in my life. Carry over goals are goals that one sets out to accomplish, usually by a certain time, but doesn’t, so it gets carried over to the next set of goals. As I turned the pages of my notebook I saw a few reoccurring entries. For instance, there was a book that I was supposed to read last year that I still have not read. I set a goal to run twice a week about 2 years ago, and I have yet to do that. Now here is the thing…I have read many books over the past year and I started spinning 3 days a week just about 2 years ago. So… why did I choose not to fulfill those particular goals at that time?

Is it possible to set too many goals? There is so much that I want to accomplish in my lifetime…sometimes I fear it is too much. BUT…isn’t that what life is all about? Living each day having accomplished more, dreamed more, and living a life that is full of purpose is what I preach about and… according to my notebook, I practice what I preach!

Just because you set out to do something that you have not accomplished yet, doesn’t mean you can’t do it or shouldn’t try until you succeed. There is a woman that dreamed of being a doctor but life got in her way. She married, had children, and naturally grew older. At the age of forty, she thought about becoming a nurse. She turned that thought into reality and became a RN. Still, in her heart, she wanted to become a doctor. That goal continued to be a reoccurring entry in her heart. At 54 years old that same woman who set a goal of becoming a doctor, accomplished just that!

You can do what you have purposed to do. You can never dream too big or set too many goals. You should lead a life that is full. Today, go back over that list of goals you wrote a year ago and if you see any reoccurring entries, that just mean there is more work to be done. When Mr. Richards, a ninety-eight year old athlete, was asked about his secret to a long and healthy life, he replied, I just keep adding to my list of things I want to do before I die!

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