Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Truth About Envy...

Have you ever pulled your older model car that has cloth seats, a check engine light that has been on for 2years, and blows out smoke when you start it, into a parking space that was parallel to a shiny, brand new, chromed out, luxury car of your dreams; and wondered, to yourself, what does the driver of that car do for a living? How about this one? Have you ever sat a table in a restaurant with a group of your closest friends that was adjacent to a table that seated a couple that was whispering into each others ears, gazing into each other’s eyes, and sitting so close to each other that they looked like Siamese twins (ok, maybe that’s a bit much); and you wondered, to yourself, will I ever fall in love? Or, finally, have you ever listened, from the other end of the phone, as your sister, brother, or best friend expresses how happy, fulfilled, and successful they are now that he/she has found his/her purpose in life; and you wonder, to yourself, will I ever discover my purpose?

Well, I have. I have looked at what someone else has, how successful someone else appears to be, and wondered, to myself, when will that be me?!. I am driven. I have goals. I am intentional. I should have what I see others enjoying… Then I had a conversation with a friend who has reached her career goals, is financially secure, but envy’s the fact that I have a husband and a child. I have also come in contact with clients, random people in the grocery store, and close family members and friends who are all in search of their life’s purpose; while I have know what it is I am here to do for years now.

What if I…? When will I…? What about me…? How come she…? Is it fair that he…? Those are questions that will prevent you from placing the focus where it belongs. James Allen says that you should make your purpose the centralizing point of your thoughts. Personal and professional development is a self -centered process. You must develop tunnel vision if you want to be successful at it. Further more, you will never truly know where someone else is on their journey. They may appear to be further ahead than you; but getting to that place in life may have cost them more than you were willing to sacrifice.

Today, direct your focus inward. Make your purpose the centralizing point of your thoughts. What someone else has that you want, will not change the course of your life. So, do not waste your energy on envy.

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